The ABS Reproductive Management System (RMS) is a systematic approach to maximize your reproductive results, while complementing your genetics program and increasing profits on your farm.

Your RMS Representative acts as a key member of the management team along with your veterinarian, herd manager, nutritionist and financial consultant.

Your specialized RMS Representative is responsible for your reproduction. Saving you:
· Time – so you may focus on other important profit areas of your dairy.
· Labour – ABS provides the skilled manpower to manage and execute the program.

Your RMS Representative is accountable for getting you consistent results
· They utilize comprehensive data analysis and routine monitoring to provide you pertinent information that will optimize profits in your dairy.
· It’s measurable – view where your costs and gains are within the reproductive cycle for a quick evaluation to pinpoint variances and inefficiencies.

Genetic Advantage
ABS offers superior genetics that allow your management to capture increased production, longevity and udder quality to deliver consistent profits over time. Benefit from the industry leader in high fertility semen and the RMS system, which results in increased calvings and provides higher genetic value to the operation.

Customized to Fit Your Needs
At ABS Canada we know every herd is different. That’s why we have developed several variations of our RMS program to help meet everyone’s needs.

RMS – A full service reproductive program which includes all or part of: data analysis, daily heat detection, insemination service, data entry, synchronization facilitation, herd health participation, team consultant participation, troubleshooting, and performance measurement.

RMS Lite – A program designed to assist producers with project management, consulting, synchronization facilitation or management, insemination service, training, analysis and/or single application needs.

RMS Express – Designed for tie-stall dairies where daily heat detection may not be required, but maximum results are. ABS works with producers to maximize heat detection results while tracking every cow’s reproductive need in the herd.