ABS legend 29HO11111 Sandy-Valley BOLTON-ET died Monday due to complications from surgery.

In May 2006, ABS introduced BOLTON to the world as one of the finest ABS Cornerstone® graduates—ranking number one on the Holstein Association Top 100 TPI® list.   BOLTON was the first bull to ever reach the 2000 TPI threshold which he achieved in August 2006.   BOLTON remains a top 50 TPI sire with nearly 8,000 milking daughters in his proof and holds the elite status of number one in the Canadian LPI ranking.

As a result of his remarkable worldwide demand and production capabilities, BOLTON became the first sire in the history of the Holstein breed to produce one million units prior to reaching second crop status.  His lifetime production was 1.2 million units and over 300,000 units of BOLTON will be marketed by ABS through a 12-month fiscal period ending on June 30, 2010.

“BOLTON has made a significant impact on the Holstein breed, and his influence will carry on through his progeny including the 66 BOLTON sons globally sampled by ABS,” stated Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Global Sire Selection Manager.

BOLTON sons currently offered through the ABS Primetime™ line-up include 29HO14414 BRUNO (BOLTON x Goldwyn) who hails from the world-renowned Regancrest-PR Barbie family and 29HO14142 DORCY (BOLTON x Bret) who is already a global sire of sons.  A third bull, 29HO14109 BRENDAL (BOLTON x SHOTTLE) will be globally available July 1.  All three BOLTON sons carry on in the footsteps of their sire transmitting the distinctive combination of type and production.

Delivering on our promise, BOLTON second crop success is unparalleled around the world.

Greg Bauer, Sandy-Valley Holsteins, Scandinavia, Wisconsin stated, “BOLTON’s second crop daughters are now our most profitable 2-year-olds.”

Louis Patenaude, La Ferme Gillette, Canada added, “Our BOLTON daughters calve young and are well developed.  As a bonus, their genomic values are high for both production and type.  We are very pleased with them.”

Philip Metcalfe of Metcalfe Farms, Yorkshire, England stated, “As they milk further into lactation the cleanliness of bone is starting to show through, giving us confidence they will grow into very stylish cows.  We now have 180 BOLTON daughters on the ground and half of the milking herd bred to him.”

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