Cows and Canada go together. If you are Canadian, do not take offence. We are not trying to state something offensive. Quite a large number of research activities were carried out with regard to animal agriculture in the Canadian regions. The research came to a conclusion that majority of animals in Canada were all the species that belong to the cow family. The Canadian cows topped the food animals list as well. This is the reason as to why we said cows and Canada go together. So here we will get to something about the common cow breeds that reside in Canada.

Top 5 Common Breeds of Cows in Canada

5 Common cow breeds in Canada:


Angus is one of the oldest cow breeds that live in Canada. They are said to have lived here for more than 200 years in different regions of Canada. But they aren’t a native of the Canadian region. They came to Canada only during the late 1800s or to be precise in the 1860s. The Angus breed is said to have existed for only like 400 years, and before Canada, they are said to have taken their shelters in the primitive regions of Scotland.

Blonde d’Aquitaine:

Blonde d’Aquitaine is not an original breed. It came into existence only in the year 1962, and their birthplace is France. Since it is a cross-breed, it is a combination of three other breeds, and they are the Garonnaise the Blonde des Pyrénées, and the Blonde de Quercy. These three breeds belong to France, and thereby Blonde d’Aquitaine is also French breed.  It as basically a European breed and later became American as well.


Charolais is said to have originated in the regions of eastern France, later a predominant portion of the breed migrated, or may be exported to, Canada for trade reasons. Charolais is a real breed, but a part of this breed is crossed with another breed called the Brahmans, and this crossed breed is known as Charbray. As per records, these breeds reached Canada in the early 1930s, and they have become quite popular in Canada.


Gelbvieh is a German breed, and they were present in the Franconian regions of Germany. They became a major Canadian after they were exported to Canada in the year 1972. With just 45 years of existence, the Gelbvieh breed in Canada has created quite an impact there. An association to protect the Gelbvieh breed in Canada was established the very year they were exported to Canada. They are known for their milking capacity, and their submissive temperament has made Gelbvieh a major breed in the Canadian zones.


The Hereford cattle breed is said to have originated from the regions of England. It takes the name Hereford from the place of its origin Herefordshire, England. England being its origin country, they became a part of Canada when they were exported as early as in the year 1817. The export took place for strict trade reason and later became a predominant breed in Canada as they were in England.