Your herd’s genetics are valuable and the decisions you make today will affect your herd’s profitability in the future. ABS Canada’s Genetic Management System (GMS) is an effective mating program that makes your breeding decisions easier and more effective. The GMS program offers increased flexibility to select and use groups of mating sires that fit your needs. It utilizes the most comprehensive group of traits available today in order to ensure the best-possible mating sires are used on your cows. Whether looking for better type, higher components or more milk, the GMS program is custom made to fit your herd.

GMS is flexible and effective

  • GMS consultants are highly trained, certified individuals
  • GMS consultants work with producers to identify underlying needs and set a course to meet those needs.
  • Mating options specifically tailored to your herd and your goals
  • GMS uses the deepest inbreeding and recessive checks of any multi-breed program enabling them to more effectively protect your herd’s long-term profitability

GMS helps you achieve herd profitability through longevity, consistency and reliability

  • GMS utilizes the most comprehensive group of linear traits and the production and type pattern of the family seven generations deep
  • Longevity and consistency advantages combined with mating accuracy advantage from utilizing high-reliability ABS sires, offers impressive results
  • With three sire summaries annually, selecting the right bulls for your herd can be easy using GMS
  • The most comprehensive reports in the industry today, GMS provides customers with simple, easy to read mating recommendation sheets as well as annual reports to help you manage cash flow utilizing the inventory report or see where your herd has been genetically and where it is going in the future
GMS is tailor designed for your herd’s goals around your facility, management and breeding goals for total profitability. It also lets you take advantage of many of the other products and services ABS Canada offers. Let the highly trained ABS professionals take the worry out of your breeding decisions, allowing you to add your total profitability and saving you time!