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ABS Global, Inc.

Genus Plc (UK)

ABS Australia

ABS Peclan (Brazil)

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ABS Italia

Beef Breeds

Canadian Angus Association

Canadian Charolais Association

Canadian Gelbvieh Association

Canadian Hereford Association

Canadian Limousin Association

Canadian Shorthorn Association

Canadian Simmental Association

American Angus Association

Red Angus Association of America

American International Charolais Association

American Gelbvieh Association

American Hereford Association

North American Limousin Foundation

American Shorthorn Association

American Simmental Association

Beef Industry

Beef Media

Dairy Breeders

Dairy Breeds

Ayrshire Canada

Canadian Brown Swiss and Braunvieh Association

Holstein Association of Canada

Canadian Guernsey Association

Jersey Canada

Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society

US Ayrshire Breeders Association

American Brown Swiss Association

US Holstein Association

American Guernsey Association

American Jersey Cattle Association

American Milking Shorthorn Society

Red and White Holstein Society

Holstein Australia

Dairy Industry

Atlantic Dairy Livestock Improvement Corp.

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

CanWest DHI

Dairy Farmers of Ontario

International Committee of Animal Recording

National Mastitis Council


Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

World Dairy Expo

Dairy Media

Ag Web

Holstein International

Holstein Journal

Holstein World

La Revue

Dairy Herd Management Magazine

Hoard’s Dairyman

Western Dairy Farmer

Ontario Farmer Daily

BC Holstein news

Holstein Central

Cattle Connection:

Genetics and Genetic Evaluations

Canadian Dairy Network

Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock

UDSA Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory

Interbull – International Bull Evaluation Service